Bassist Dave Hayes has been involved in a variety of hard rock pursuits since TYR starting with a stint with Stiff Kitty in late 1990.  In early ’92, Dave joined forces with members of the Bay Area’s Mad Anthony to form Rattleshake and pounded the club scene for the next couple of years.  The mid-nineties saw Dave hooking up once again with TYR’s founding members Gregg Michaels and Joel Valentine in Michaels’ southern rock tribute, the Gator Alley Band – the first time that ¾’s of TYR had shared the stage in over 10 years.  From ’98 thru 2002, Dave formed rocked the four piece 7th Avenue, featuring Mike Moore of the Pound and later former Stiff Kitty singer, Pete Zeiner.
Dave currently lives in Santa Cruz with his wife Sonia and sons, Jonathan, Christopher, and Nicholas.

Dave Hayes, 1988
Dave Hayes, 2006